Status Report on the Petition of “Non Enforcement of the Prostitution Laws and Protection of Sex Workers Ordinance”

Petition Update
The Petition of Non Enforcement of the Prostitution Laws and Protection of Sex Workers Ordinance is currently listed at the bottom of the Agenda for San Francisco Board of Supervisors Tuesday, November 7th 2006 under Proposed Resolutions.

The Public Comment portion of the meeting will occur before the Proposed Resolution portion so come to City Hall and tell the board to put the petition on the ballot for 2007. The meeting starts at 2 pm, and the Public Comment portion is agenda item #32.

Of course you can always write or call the Clerk of the Board or the Supervisors: see their contact information below.

Read the petition:

The time to collect the 10,399 signatures required to qualify as a ballot initiative expired on Sept. 15th 2006 but, not to worry, 4 of the 11 San Francisco Board of Supervisors can still qualify the petition for the November 2007 ballot cycle so your help is still needed! Supervisor Bevin Dufty and Chris Daly have signed the petition and other supervisors are interested. The San Francisco Libertarian Party and the Harvey Milk Democratic Club have endorsed the petition. I am asking for your endorsements too. I want to thank the actual erotic laborers who collected signatures; you know who you are.

Send your endorcement to

Call to Action:
Call or Write the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and tell them they need to show some leadership and that you want to see the petition of “Non Enforcement of the Prostitution Laws and Protection of Sex Workers Ordinance” on the ballot this November! Remember, if we can’t stop the enforcement of the prostitution laws in San Francisco, where can it be done?

The Clerk of the Board: Gloria Young


1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689
(415) 554-5184 – voice
(415) 554-5163 – fax
(415) 554-5227 – TTY
Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
(Except Legal Holidays)

Supervisor Tom Ammiano (415) 554-5144
Supervisor Jake McGoldrick (415) 554-7410
Supervisor Bevan Dufty (415) 554-6968
Supervisor Chris Daly (415) 554-7970
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell (415) 554-7670
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (415) 554-7630
Supervisor Aaron Peskin (415) 554-7450
Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval (415) 554-6975
Supervisor Fiona Ma (415) 554-7460
(Send all letters to City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Place Room 244, San Francisco94102)

7 Reasons to Donate:
• Stop law enforcement agencies from profiting off the criminalization of prostitution by spending 7.6 million on enforcing the prostitution laws.
• Stop the immoral practice of arresting workers before they receive services.
• Stop the deportation of migrant workers.
• Stop the poverty pimping of sex industry worker by healthcare providers who profit off the criminalization of prostitution by giving out condoms and counseling.
• Stop the poverty pimping of the sex industry worker by social service providers who haven’t helped us get our right to negotiate for our wages and work conditions?
• It’s an important way to participate in this community beneficial cause.
• By contributing to the petition you get to be part of the solution to end violence against sex workers.
• Fight back against the century long oppression against most revered workers on the planet. Get the government out of our underwear

Donate on line
Make Checks or money orders payable to ESPU
Mail checks to ESPU
c/o San Francisco Labor Council
1188 Franklin # 203
San Francisco, Ca