Attending labor organizing school for those who of us who are serious about bringing change to our status is essential. We need to identify our issues and skills to enact effective change for ourselves within the sex industry now to organize locally and internationally so we can be more effective in erotic body politic. Two labor schools will be available to erotic laborers this summer.

The first one is the Summer School for Union Women, which will be held in Olympia Washington June 27-July 1 2007 at Evergreen State College. I highly recommend this school for new comers to sex workers rights movement as well as those sex worker rights advocates or those who want to learn the basics of organizing and just how to get alone with each other in the bosom of supportive experienced women organized labor style.

See if you can pick me out from last year’s line up!

The other school is the Summer Institute for Union Women to be held in Berkeley California July 16-20 2007. Here are a few links to previous to schools for you to consider:

As you can see from past curriculums, this school is geared more toward serious organizing with in-depth core classes for those of us who are committed to elevating our status and stopping the criminalization and scapegoating of our occupation.

We need to do some fundraising to get everybody into one or both of these schools. Let me know if you are interested in attending school and/or fundraising.

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