Legal Self Defense Workshop

It’s time for another Legal Self-Defense Workshop! A criminal?defense attorney will lead a 4 hour long interactive workshop for erotic service providers only.
This workshop will include reviews of  current laws, policies and practices of local law enforcement agencies.  The workshop provides a comfortable environment for both newcomers and seasoned erotic service providers to dispel myths and brush up on safety practices.
We will discuss the legal impact of statements made in advertisements and email, so please bring a printout of your ads and email correspondence.

Recommended Reading: Katya Komisaruk’s book, “Beat the Heat: How to Handle Encounters With Law Enforcement”

  • Date: Saturday, September 19, 2015
  • Time: 10 am sharp to 2 pm
  • Cost: $50 for non members,
  • $20 for ESPU Members
  • Location: San Francisco near Powell BART stop
  • Erotic Service Provider Union Lunch Social to follow 2-4pm (no Cost)

CONTACT INFORMATION: info( AT) espu (dash) ca (DOT) org or 415-265-330Two

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