The Harvey Milk Democratic Club will be honoring Mike Jones, the escort who outed Evangelist Ted Haggard with the Harry Britt Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Harvey Milk Democratic Club Annual Dinner Thursday, May 24th 2007.

Listen to Maxine Doogan’s interview with Mike Jones and Brian Basinger, President of the Harvey Milk Club.

On November 1, 2006 Mike made public his relationship with Ted Haggard. Within days, Haggard resigned from all of his position of power, admitting to a “sexual immorality” that shook the evangelical world, right before the Election Day 2006 which help turn the tide away from the religious right’s straggle hold on the congress. Ted Haggard was the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, who influenced the daily lives of millions of believers, condemning homosexuality and advocating the virulently against gay rights and same-sex union. Haggard is none to have met with President Bush and his advisers and was influential in the Administration’s proposed legislation against gay marriage.

Mike Jone’s book titled “I Had To Say Something” depicts his 3 year relationship with Ted Haggard, founder and pastor of the megachurch, New Life Church of Colorado Springs, will be released June 15th 2007.

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