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Get Involved Sign up for Summer Institute for Union Women 2018 I know its still 2017, but I want to reach out to everyone and let you know that I believe its imperative for our movement that you get yourselves to labor school this summer. Some of the regional labor schools are still organizing themselves, but the Western regional school location and dates are already set – Sonoma State University July 10-14th 2018 ( The other regional labor schools will announce their schedules for 2018 soon so keep a look out. Now, perhaps you don’t know anything about unions? But you do know about the power of whores coming together to do something! Well lets learn some new skills so that we’ll be ready to work together on the next steps for our movement – as decrim is closer than you think. At this point, we can’t guess the outcome of our Appeal in ESPLERP v Gascon [case #16-15927]. There are multiple possible outcomes, but one is that the Ninth Circuit will rule that the current California statute, 647(b) is unconstitutional – effectively decriminalizing prostitution. And if that happens, the s**t will hit the fan. Everybody – the bosses, the cops, the antis, the media, the politicians and the rest of them – who has had their hand in our pockets for decades, will be arguing that decriminalization means legalization. They will use the ruling to craft legislation to legalize our work on their terms. The comment sections are filled with well meaning statements that there needs to be mandatory testing for whores. That whores should be restricted as to the locations, days and times when we can work. That whores should be made to buy a license to work. That those licenses should have real names and addresses! And that whores need to be finger printed when they go to the cops for background checks. They’ll say that every other profession has to – lawyers, doctors, massage therapist are finger printed and pay for background checks and so should we. You prostitutes have been saying all along that you are just like everyone else, that your job is just a job, that sex worker is work. So you should be treated like everyone else. But our job is not like everyone elese. Everyone else’s job hasn’t been criminalized for the last 100 plus years. Everyone else’s professional, domestic, community and commercial relationships hasn’t been criminalized for the last 100 years (and more) like ours has. Our right to associate has been so infringed upon via the pimping and pandering laws, renamed the sex trafficking laws, that to have a real conversation with another worker is to be guilty of conspiracy – a felony. We want the right to negotiate for our labor and safe work conditions of course but we also want the right to be in social contact with each other to further our economic standing. Because we’ve been subjected to the intimidation of the anti laws for so long, we need to learn to be in association with each other, to come to see what we’ve got, and how to use it to get what we need. We must organize NOW before third party bosses and the government take over our business. They are already conspiring to take over our work, our work spaces, our rates, our customers, our children… In many ways they already have custody of all that – and we have to take it back. Sex work is work. The best way to control your labor is to organize. And labor school is a great way to learn new labor organizing skills to step up and be able to contribute to your social and economic advancement. Let me know if / when you sign up…. Particpate en las REUNIONES MENSUALES de ESPU International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers Dec. 17, 2016 San Francisco ESPU November 2016 Monthly Meeting Notice Stop criminalizing speech! You can wear a disguise if you want as the press will be there. We’re meeting at 11 am to make signs on the grass of the Civic Center Plaza on McAllister between Larkin and Polk street in San Francisco. We’ll be protesting on the sidewalk only (not the steps), in front of 350 McAllister between Larkin and Polk. If you have a car, you can always drive around the block and honk! Attention Providers Meeting Notice Monday September 12, 2016 Meeting 10:30 am to 11:30 am Oakland Attend ESPU Monthly Meetings The Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU) is by and for those who Labor erotically to gain agency through industrial organizing for Our occupational, social and economic rights. This meeting Provides important information about the historic lawsuit to decriminalize our labor. Providers ONLY: No Media No Law Enforcement Location Marin Law Library 20 N San Pedro Road San Rafael, Ca Details Monday Sept. 12, 2016, 2016 San Rafael 10:30 and to 11:30 am Monday Oct 10th, 2016 1144 Franklin # 203 (San Francisco Labor Council) San Francisco 10:30 and to 11:30 am Contact info(AT ) espu(DASH) ca (DOT) org Get together! United! Organize! Www(DOT)espu (DASH) ca (DOT) org Vote No On Prop 60- Vote Against Worker Harassment Need to Support New Hampshire HB 1614 […]

Poetry Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘And what if I fall?’

Written by Jacob Ibrag ‘And what if I fall?’ Then it will hurt for a while. ‘Then why even try?’ To hurt, for a while. To feel. To learn how to walk without the fear of tripping. To trip. To be present. To live. To truly exist.

Sex workers ask California Governor Jerry Brown – do not consider Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley for CA State Attorney General

2261 Market Street, #548 Governor Jerry Brown San Francisco c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 CA 94114 Sacramento, CA 95814 415-265-330two http://espu-ca(DOT)org/ October 31, 2016 Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown Sex workers ask California Governor [...]

Stop criminalizing speech Protest Tuesday Oct. 25, 2016

Stop criminalizing speech! You can wear a disguise if you want as the press will be there. We're meeting at 11 am to make signs on the grass of the Civic Center Plaza on McAllister [...]